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Did You Know? Curry Has Case Studies!

by Suzanne Licata

We’ve been working on some pretty exciting things here at Curry Real Estate Services, we figured that it is time we share them! Between managing, leasing and selling commercial and multi-family properties, we’ve been developing cases studies on some of our biggest projects to highlight our areas of expertise. You can check them all out on our  case studies tab at the top of our website.The first case study featured is on Kendallwood and Rock Creek Apartments, Curry’s flagship multi-family assets. In 2016, we decided it was time for significant capital investment project to improve the properties’ performance and retain relevance for the next generation of renters.

Innovative cost management, strong vendor relations and exceptional resident communication resulted in Kendallwood and Rock Creek maintaining their historical 97-plus percent occupancy rate upon completion of the renovations. These apartments are on track to hit an annual revenue increase of more than 25 percent by year four.

To learn more how we made renovating this 21-acre, 386-unit complex feasible, head over to our Kendallwood and Rock Creek case study for all the details, plus before and after pictures.

We also have a case study on Summit Center, Lee’s Summits first retail shopping center. The 162,000-square-foot center currently has 32 tenant spaces, two of which are located in freestanding units, and is home to national, regional and local tenants. Curry developed the property in 1960, and while the center has been well-maintained through the years, it was time for a significant investment to the exterior in order to keep up with an increasingly competitive retail environment and attract new business to the area.

Forward thinking, strategic planning and exceptional contractor/tenant communication resulted in the property’s occupancy rate increasing from 80 percent to a remarkable 99 percent following the completion of the exterior enhancements. Since the renovations, Curry has seen more than 7 percent increase in revenue. This case study is also online here, complete with pictures.

Stay tuned for case studies on a variety of topics!


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