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El Chaparral Apartments Gets a New Pool

by Suzanne Licata

At Curry Real Estate Services, we believe our residents’ deserve the best amenities; that’s why we are constantly working to upgrade our properties. When it came time to upgrade the pool at El Chaparral Apartments, we got right to work on not just an upgrade, but a total transformation.

Curry decided in 2017 to move the original pool’s location, increase the size of both the pool and sundeck as well as add new features including Romanesque fountains, a reef so guests can put their lounge chairs in the water and on-site restrooms.

The scope of the project required relocating the new pool to previously unoccupied land on El Chaparral’s property, so Curry used its network of skilled contractors to prep the site, run utility lines and ensure the project stayed on schedule and budget. 

Curry’s experience with projects such as this came in handy when managing resident and construction parking. We opened up parking that otherwise is generally prohibited, relocating resident parking to these spaces and in doing so ensured they would not be blocked or inconvenienced by vehicles on site for the new construction project. We distributed parking maps to residents explaining the temporary parking arrangement and were proactive in related communications and problem solving, making the construction process as pain-free for our residents as possible.

We are excited that the construction on the pool is complete! The residents at El Chaparral Apartments now have new amenities which, with the new pool, include fountains and restrooms as well as additional green space recaptured from old pool’s site.


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