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Donna Beaver Retires

by Suzanne Licata

Donna Beaver likes Curry Real Estate Services so much, she worked there twice. After nearly 40 years in all, the company accounting manager is calling it a day and looking forward to whatever is next. “I know some say they are bored to death in retirement but my friends tell me they can’t think how they had time to work,” said Beaver. “I expect I will join them in that.”

For such dedication to her career, she said she just kind of fell into it. She was working for the state of Missouri when a friend made her aware of a company looking to hire someone for their accounting department. Beaver applied and was hired. Throughout her time with Curry, Beaver has been motivated to learn – on the job, in classes, new computers, new software programs, doing a little bit of everything and all of some things, taking every opportunity to meet a need when it presented itself.

“On those occasions when I would step into a new role, I would think, ‘Hey, I can learn how to do this stuff,’ and that is what happened,” Beaver said. Curry is a place that encourages that kind of internal promotion and earns it the long-time loyalty of employees. Over time she stepped into the role of managing the entire accounting department, reporting to Lou Lipari.

“Donna has been a tremendous employee and source of knowledge over the years,” said Lipari, senior vice president, treasurer. “She takes great pride in everything she does, always looking out for the company’s best interests. Donna has been a leader in our department not only with the day-to-day activities but also with larger projects such as implementing new accounting software. I can always count on her to get things done and done right. I have truly enjoyed our time working together.”

As you might guess, starting a family (twins!) interrupted Beaver’s career trajectory for about four years during which she eventually worked part time for Don Elbel, grandson of Curry founder, Charles F. Curry, and when that job ended she reached out to her former Curry boss for a referral and, he hired her back. Now she’s going again, for good this time.

“It’s so hard to say goodbye to someone like Donna,” said Ellen Todd, president and CEO. “We so appreciate her good work and spirit for all these years. We’re excited for the adventures she has ahead of her.”

Now the Raytown native is looking to spend more time with her kids and grandkids and on her hobbies. “I like to bowl, love to read and just took up golf a few years ago,” Beaver said. “My bowling friends also golf and would ask me to join them so I finally did. I am really excited to be able to play more.”


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