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An Amazing Addition to the Curry Team

by Suzanne Licata

Erika Waisner loves helping people. She did that early on when, using her degree in criminal justice, she served as a probation parole officer and worked alongside those who often did the work to turn their lives around. In pivoting to property management, the opportunity to help people multiplied and she was a natural at it.

Waisner has spent the last 15 years in the real estate profession and now serves as property manager for Curry’s multi-family residences including Kendallwood Apartments, Rock Creek Apartments and Gladstone Studios.  Prior to joining Curry, she managed a portfolio of nearly 40 properties all over the U.S., traveling three or four days every week. “That was fun until I had my son and one day, as I was dropping him off at my mom’s before another trip, I heard him call her ‘mom,’” said Waisner. “That and seeing him tear up at my leaving, I knew it was time for a change.”

In her next position she managed 30 downtown Kansas City commercial and residential buildings but was still missing too much time with her son. “I am long-term loyal so I took a year to really search for my career home and after my first meeting with Curry, I knew I found my perfect fit,” she added.

Waisner is still responsible for calls from residents, her team, vendors and others every hour of the day. “I love what I do,” she said. “I treat each property like it is my own – these are my residents, this is my staff and it is my responsibility to take care of them. I have to know what is going on to do that so getting calls nonstop does not phase me.”

So what is different working at Curry? “What isn’t different?” responded Waisner. “Curry is family oriented. They treat residents like family. They really, really care and act when a resident has a need, no matter how small or large. As for staff, when you work for a company that appreciates what you do every day and shows that appreciation, it changes everything. It did for me.”

Waisner says it is amazing to get to go home at 5 p.m., go to her son’s games, drive him to school in the morning. “Having that time with him in the morning is life changing,” she said. “He looks forward to it and so do I. Instead of a mad scramble to get himself ready and to a bus stop, I am there to help, give a warm ride to school and available to talk about whatever is on his mind.”

She still says planning is futile as you never know when the next call will have her on her way to problem solve but she’s good with that. “I get to work with a great company that cares and at properties right where I grew up,” Waisner said. “Feels like home.”


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