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Taking care of business is taking care of people.

This summer one of the multi-family properties had a perfect storm of events that left it critically short handed for a broiling hot week. That is, until the whole Curry community responded like rock stars! (September 18, 2022)

“The whole company came together like a well-oiled machine,” said Brynn McCan, senior vice president. “It was so powerful; so cool to see. It all unfolded in a kind of selfless harmony that made you grateful to be a part of it.”

Among the cast of everyday heroes:

  • Starlene Ramirez, a property manager in Shawnee, came for a full day and a half to give the team guidance.
  • David Payne, assistant VP/construction and facility manager, not only handled all the pools for hours, he also took care of any emerging maintenance needs including going into individual units as needs required.
  • Mike Bribiesca, maintenance, didn’t let David have all the fun as he came over from another project for a whole day chasing down HVAC challenges while Justin Haskins, maintenance, put himself “on call” just to be sure all the maintenance bases were covered.
  • Linley Davis, assistant property manager, was especially stalwart as she gracefully fielded questions all day every day while feeling miserably sick.

It was all hands on deck and some of those other hands belonged to Patrick Flynn, VP/regional property manager, who quickly developed the game plan determining the team members who could help from other properties; Christa Barlow in accounting, who went to the property twice a day to manage the lockbox; Enza Brancato, commercial property management and leasing coordinator, who covered phones at the Curry office for others; Suzanne Licata, marketing director, who triaged all the issues that came into the Curry office that week; and Effie Tymony, multi-family property management coordinator who, with an assist from McCan, ran the whole show making sure things happened as they needed, when they needed.

“People stepping up like they did that week is a direct response to (Curry president) Ellen Todd’s example of taking care of people,” said McCan. “It is not just hosting the staff for a fantastic day at the Royals game, or QuikTrip cards for gas, or yummy charcuterie boards just showing up for no reason at all – it is the heart and spirt in which those and so many other good things are done for us in this company. It’s not surprising that Curry people don’t hesitate to step up.”

Todd turned the compliment back to the Curry team. “These folks didn’t need to be asked, they jumped in and did what they could,” she said. “We are lucky to have such wonderful people who all want to help each other.”

McCan added, everyone was happy to do it. And, they were very happy to have the property’s full team back together the following week!


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