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Property Management

Case Study


Curry prioritizes and invests in property maintenance and improvements. Here is a “before” improvements image of Brookridge Country Club Apartments in Overland Park, Kansas.


Balcony and patio fencing improvements shown here in a Brookridge Apartments “after” photo.


Exceptional property management should be transformative, resilient and cost appropriate. Curry Real Estate Services has protocols, both proactive and preventative, that take commercial and residential properties from basic to beautiful, maintaining it efficiently based on a cost/benefit analysis owners approve. Curry’s task with every property is to understand its potential and develop a plan to achieve and maintain it in a manner consistent with the owner’s goals. The planning, the day-to-day problem solving, means we are supportive at every turn of the weather and producing at every turn of the market. At Curry, we are thinking, planning and doing for you all the time. It is the Curry way and it begins and ends with analysis:


  • The visual. When you have added a property to your portfolio and are looking to get it up to par, Curry can do an evaluation of the property conditions to determine the improvements that will deliver the biggest return. This includes simple things such as cleaning up the landscaping, updating the monument signage, making sure the address numbers are readable, updating the leasing office, freshening the hallways and lighting, even just changing the front door color. On completion, with a baseline inspection report to refer to and grow from, Curry can make certain the new standard is maintained. These kinds of improvements are practical in terms of lowering ongoing maintenance costs but also high impact as they deliver a first, and lasting, impression.
  • The market. Increasing occupancy and rates can involve an analysis of the market and a careful evaluation of the kinds of changes that will achieve these goals at the lowest practical cost. This will ensure that the investment is appropriate to the market and that the property is able to attract and retain tenants at the desired rate. Evaluating the right investment was the approach with a 96-unit, multi-family property in Liberty, Missouri. An analysis of options to include in the units’ kitchen update led the Curry team to make changes to the cabinetry, rather than replace the odd-sized stoves – a more expensive option – in order to accommodate standard-sized refrigerators. The apartment property is 96 percent occupied at market rates.
  • The expenses. When Curry performs a cost/benefit analysis for owners, we can present all tiers of possible improvements, their costs and the rates the property would attract for each tier. In the analysis we can include the quality vendors that would be providing the improvements with an assurance that we have secured for you high value for their services. Once you determine what you prefer to do, we can manage the improvement projects and, of course, all the following marketing and maintenance.


  • Property improvements that lower ongoing maintenance costs and deliver the high-value impressions that attract and retain tenants.

  • Ongoing cost/benefit analysis that assures the best return on investment as your property is brought up to par and responsibly maintained.

  • The best vendors delivering high-end services at great value.

Exceptional property management includes working with the highest quality vendors like Zipco Restoration.

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