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Case Study



Curry Real Estate Services held for development two tracts of land in Kansas City, Missouri – Antioch Village, a 26-acre parcel southwest of the Antioch Annex
Shopping Center at N.E. 55th and Antioch Road, and Brighton Village, 23 acres located generally on the southwest corner of N.E. Pleasant Valley Road and
North Brighton. Antioch Village was zoned low-density residential and Brighton Village for mixed-use neighborhood and low-density residential. Curry determined that the zoning for both parcels was not adequate for current market conditions and set about to win approval for an update to the development plan that served both the company and the community.


  • Time. The initiative to rezone property is a time intensive commitment. It took the Curry team more than a year to develop its plan; navigate city, community and even internal challenges; make revisions that met its needs and suited the interests of the community, to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Community awareness. It can be disorienting to a neighborhood that has lived alongside an undeveloped tract, perhaps for years if not decades, to learn that it already is approved for development, that changes to that plan are in play and, further, that the result ultimately will serve them and the greater community.
  • Experience. Curry built an exceptional team of experienced professionals, particularly with its legal counsel, White Goss, that knows how to work with city elected and staff professionals and keep the project momentum going, and its architect, J. Price Architecture, that knew how to evolve the development plan to accommodate the needs and interests of city officials and the neighborhood.
  • Relationships. Working alongside strong neighborhood leadership as Curry did with Deb Hermann and Northland Neighborhoods, Inc., is critical. Credible neighborhood leadership facilitates communication of complex ideas and plans, the feedback on same and arriving at a desirable result.


  • Property optimally positioned for its future use and growth serves both the owner and the
    community where the property is located. Long experience, strong relationships and a desire to listen well as Curry engaged with the community ultimately gave the company a good result.

  • Each parcel was approved to be zoned as a Master Planned Development with multi-family
    residential and commercial uses. This allowed for a mixed-use approach with options
    appropriate to current demand while adhering to the city’s development criteria and being
    responsive to neighborhood interests.
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