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Congratulations Cathleen Turner on earning your Accredited Residential Manager (ARM®) Certification

by Suzanne Licata


What Our Staffs’ ARM Certifications Mean for You

ARM certification, or Accredited Residential Manager certification is one of the most prestigious designations awarded to real estate managers. To receive this highly respected recognition, candidates must prove their experience through evidence of managing a minimum portfolio, a rigorous 40-hour class, a comprehensive exam and letters of recommendation by industry peers. Curry Real Estate Services is proud to employ ___ property managers who hold this designation, and is proud to announce that Cathleen Turner recently received her ARM certification as well. But what does this mean for our renters, owners and investors?


ARM certification is rooted in experience. To be considered, candidates must have at least one year of qualifying residential real estate management experience as defined by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) and they must manage a minimum portfolio in that year. In addition, candidates are required to take a 40-hour class that provides them with greater knowledge in areas such as marketing and leasing strategies, leading a team and minimizing property risk. Following the course, candidates are required to pass an examination that tests their experience-based and education-based knowledge. This ensures that our ARM-certified property managers are not only exceptionally qualified in their field, but that they also have up-to-date industry knowledge.


Ethics courses also are required to qualify for ARM certification. Completing these ethics courses, along with pledging to uphold the IREM Code of Professional Ethics, ensures that a property manager is an ethical practitioner and that they adhere to the industry’s moral standards.


ARM certification affords a property manager various opportunities, including a network of highly-trained professionals – all willing to exchange best practices and ideas with fellow members. In addition, IREM provides education and tools to assist a property manager’s success. Because of this network, when you hire an ARM-certified property manager, you also benefit from the expertise of those around the nation.

While attainting ARM certification is an extensive process, it provides our renters, owners and investors with the knowledge that our property managers are qualified, ethical and continuously learning best-practices. It reinforces the values that we have held since 1924: experience, responsiveness and connectedness.


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