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A Good Man

A Good Man

Fortune smiled on Curry Real Estate Services the day Mike Sweeney started with the company in 2001. We are keenly aware of that, which is why we have such mixed emotions now that he is retiring. Happy, even delighted, for Mike. And we are missing him already

Works Good, Looks Good – The Curry Way of Maintenance and Upgrades

Maintenance and property upgrades have been underway at a breakneck pace throughout Curry’s commercial real estate and multi-family properties in 2022. Few organizations are more committed to strategic asset management than Curry and you don’t have to look far to see that! Just this fall saw the replacement of the

Intake Studios

Taking care of business is taking care of people.

You have your popcorn and Coca-Cola. You’re settled in. The lights go down and on comes the AMC Theatres Pre-Show creative seen by more people than any Super Bowl commercial and produced right here in Kansas City by Intake Studios, just settling into its new, 3,300-square-foot creative space at 1510 Walnut.

All Hands on Deck!

Taking care of business is taking care of people.

This summer one of the multi-family properties had a perfect storm of events that left it critically short handed for a broiling hot week. That is, until the whole Curry community responded like rock stars! 

Detail work makes the dream work

Attention to detail. It’s such an underrated skill. Without it the wrong hip gets replaced, bridges collapse, space craft skid past Mars and checks bounce. Not only would things happen wrong, many wouldn’t happen at all. Attention to detail is a glorious, thrilling, sexy skill – even a passion for some – and it is put to inspiring use at Curry Real Estate Services by two of its best, Effie Tymony and Enza Brancato.

Making Sweet Memories

Curry is absolutely surrounded by people for whom we have profound appreciation – our staff and tenants. They are just The Best! So we did a couple of things this summer that hinted at how delighted we are to work with and for them and it started with a Royal good time.

Promotions for Two of our Finest.

In our last quarter board meeting, it was announced that Heather Jordan and Dan Sweeney would be promoted to vice president. Congratulations to two committed team players who understand and live the Curry way.

Brynn McCan is a Woman in Leadership

Brynn McCan is a woman in leadership. Joining Curry Real Estate Services in 2007 to head human relations, she quickly took on other responsibilities including supporting CEO Ellen Todd in her day-to-day activities, oversight of IT as well as shepherding crucial operational initiatives that are key to Curry maintaining its highest standards of excellence, integrity, and transparency.

Harvesters – One of our Favorite Places to Volunteer!

Kansas City’s Harvesters Community Food Network collects, packages, stores and distributes goods to a network of nearly 800 partner agencies – food pantries, community kitchens and shelters that provide groceries or meals to families, children and seniors in need.

Kearney Commercial Shopping Center Gets a New Look.

Built in 1975 and acquired by Curry in 1996, the real estate services firm recently completed a full exterior renovation of the more than 35,000-square-foot center in Kearney, Missouri, which is about 20 miles north of Kansas City on I-35.

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