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Discourse Brewing Joins our Windmill Square Center

by Suzanne Licata

Just weeks post opening, Discourse Brewing owners Matt Britton and Amanda Luiso are amazed at how well it is going. Discourse Brewing and Taproom opened September 28th, 2023 at 7211 W. 97th Street, Overland Park, Kansas, in Curry Real Estate Services’ Windmill Square Shopping Center.

“The community’s response has really exceeded expectations,” said Luiso. “Our desire was to create a homey, happy place with beer that is comfortable for family and friends of all ages. We want to be part of and reflect this neighborhood.”

She said they worked to make Discourse Brewing welcoming and cozy. She and Britton went on Facebook Marketplace to find chairs that were comfortable even if they don’t match. They made the tables just 18 inches wide to ease conversation. They installed both baby changing and gaming stations. There also is a Pay It Forward wall that allows a customer to buy a beer for another person. All their planning and hard work seems to be working out great.

Britton said their goal is to be in the top five of Kansas City area breweries. They offer a range of beers from Blueberry Lavender Sour and Coffee Milk Stout to New England and West Coast IPAs.

“We sold more beer than expected,” Britton added. “We wanted to showcase that this is a craft brewing operation, and the demand has been very gratifying. We are adding a sixth fermentation tank to the five already installed. We have added a second point-of-sales system. We’re reordering merchandise as that ran out more quickly than anticipated. Like any new business, we are adjusting as we go.”

The opening of Discourse Brewing followed years of planning, home brewing, a stint with a brewery to learn the business and checking out other breweries. Both originally from Kansas, they found the perfect location at Windmill Square. “There is parking galore, customers can walk here, we have vaulted ceilings and tons of windows and light and the opportunity for outdoor seating is amazing,” said Luiso.

There are also supportive tenants like Windmill Sewing Center, Eastwick Collective, Bangkok Pavilion, and more who have come by to try their brews while Sugar Beats Bake Shop and Popculture are coordinating on providing their treats. Then there are friends like Trish and Dave Brown who came alongside them as Britton demo’d the interior, built the tables, installed the fermenters and more. Other customers, now friends, learned how to and helped them can the beers.

With the collaborative spirit of friends and fellow tenants, Discourse Brewing is embracing its role in bringing unity, warmth and the simple joys of life to the neighborhood.


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