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Miracle Ear Midwest Moves into The Summit Shopping Center

by Suzanne Licata

Miracle Ear Midwest owner Tiffany Davis signed a lease in October for a 2,000-square-foot space at the Summit Shopping Center, a thriving retail and office center at 196 Oldham Road Parkway in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, managed by Curry Real Estate Services. The Miracle-Ear Hearing Care Center in Lee’s Summit offers complete hearing health care, advanced hearing care solutions and lifetime service for Miracle-Ear patients.

“The pandemic has certainly raised greater challenges for our older generations and those with hearing loss – social distancing, face masks, Zoom calls, quarantining – all can make an impact on those already struggling to understand conversations, listen in noisy environments or read lips,” said Davis. “COVID-19 has been a revelation as to how much they may be missing in their communications with family members and co-workers. The impact is not limited to just older generations. Those under 50 are finding that their younger days are catching up with them and loud music, noisy hobbies or work environments have taken a toll on their hearing, as well.”

Davis said that hearing loss is a quality of life issue and can lead to social isolation, diminished cognitive abilities, relationship frustration and can even negatively impact career advancement.

“Hearing loss is more prevalent than most people think,” Davis added. “Nearly 50 million in the U.S. have some hearing loss and for those in their 70s, one in three has some significant form of hearing impairment. Miracle Ear Midwest is expanding our geographic footprint for our business to provide more convenient access to reliable hearing health care and quality hearing care solutions to the Kansas City area.”

Once established in a new location, Davis said she is very invested in the area and strives to serve the community and those who live there to ensure they have the access to the most reliable and recognized name for their hearing health care needs.

“The Summit Shopping Center location is ideal for our business,” she said. “It offers ease of access, plenty of parking, is in close proximity to the John Knox Village senior living community and is in the middle of an up and coming, rapidly growing part of the metro.”

“Tiffany’s passion is fueled by her purpose – to provide a full world of sound to people’s lives,” according to Judy Pretto, director, marketing operations for Miracle Ear Midwest. “The Summit Shopping Center is Tiffany’s sixth location in the Greater Kansas City area bringing her total number of stores to 38 locations serving Mid-Missouri, the Greater St. Louis Area, southern Illinois and the Greater Ozarks.”

The Summit Shopping Center location, like each Miracle-Ear store, provides free professional hearing evaluations. Davis and her store teams also host events to educate groups and businesses about the importance of hearing health and provide onsite seminars, hearing health screenings and hearing aid clean and checks to help hearing aid users enjoy quality sound when using their devices.

In addition, for every hearing aid sold, each Miracle-Ear store makes a financial commitment to help the local community, providing free hearing aids and hearing health to underserved children and adults through the Miracle-Ear Foundation’s Gift of Sound program. 

“It’s important to have an annual hearing exam,” added Davis. “Beginning with a baseline hearing evaluation, each subsequent year’s exam allows you to compare these results to your baseline. If you are developing a hearing issue, today’s hearing solutions can address individual needs, lifestyles and budgets. The technology is so advanced, discreet – almost invisible – and also integrates with virtually every device you already use in life. Addressing hearing concerns sooner rather than later will make a world of difference for you and those around you allowing for a fuller life and world enriched by sound.”


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