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Tips to Manage Property Renovations, Construction and more…

by Suzanne Licata

At Curry Real Estate Services, we believe that people come first. So whether you are a resident in one of our multi-family properties, a property owner who enlists our services or are a business owner in one of our commercial properties, we are committed to making sure all property renovations are quick and comfortable.Take a look at just some of the ways that we handle different scenarios associated with property overhauls. From remapping resident parking to ensure that there is ample space for both construction workers and residents, to organizing construction schedules to ensure that renovations do not disturb our tenants’ businesses, you’ll see why Curry is the team to call for exceptional management.

Commercial Property Management- Summit Center

Summit Center in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, was the city’s first retail shopping center when Curry developed the property in the 1960s. While the center had been well maintained throughout the years and minor façade enhancements were periodically made, it was time for a significant investment to the exterior in order to keep up with an increasingly competitive retail environment. However, it was imperative that construction enhancements did not disrupt business or negatively impact occupancy rate, in order to meet both goals of overhauling the property and maintaining occupancy rates, Curry:

  • Contracted project contractors and suppliers who also placed significance on minimizing tenant / customer inconvenience.
  • Personally introduced tenants and contractors before construction took place.
  • Kept all parties informed of activity that might disturb them.

The exceptional contractor/tenant communication resulted in the property’s occupancy rate not only staying consistent as we hoped, but increasing from 80 to 99 percent.

Multi-Family Property Management- Kendallwood and Rock Creek Apartments

Kendallwood and Rock Creek Apartments in Gladstone, Missouri, are Curry Real Estate Services’ flagship multi-family assets built as part of a larger, mixed-used community developed by Curry in the early 1970s. After 40 years of use it was time for a significant investment to improve performance and retain relevance for the next generation of renters. Because we had to renovate while residents continued to live in the units, we:

  • Worked closely with vendors to keep residents informed and up-to-date on the progress through various ways including in-person conversations, calls, on-site signage and emails.
  • Provided all residents with construction-themed cookies to “sweeten the deal”!

As a result, Kendallwood and Rock Creek maintained their historical 97 percent occupancy rate through completion of the renovations.

Multi-Family Property Management- El Chaparral Apartments

El Chaparral Apartments are yet another example of Curry’s innovative property management skills . Curry decided in 2017 to move the pool’s location, increase the size of both the pool and sundeck as well as add new features including Romanesque fountains, a reef and on-site restrooms. The scope of the project required relocating the new pool to previously unoccupied land on El Chaparral’s property; unfortunately, the pool’s new location posed a problem when managing resident and construction parking. Because construction vehicles needed to park close to the construction site, we:

  • Opened up parking that otherwise is generally prohibited. In relocating resident parking, we ensured that those spots would not be blocked or inconvenienced by on site construction vehicles.
  • Distributed parking maps to residents explaining the temporary parking arrangement and were proactive in related communications and problem solving.

Curry is committed to renovating its properties and providing residents and tenants with the modern amenities they expect, but first and foremost, Curry is committed to ensuring that the properties we manage are still great places to live and do business, during renovations!


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