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Paula Basham Joins the Curry Team.

by Suzanne Licata

Paula Basham joined Curry Real Estate Services last fall as property manager for Kendallwood Apartments. It was a good move! (April 4, 2023)

“I was getting burned out on the corporate runaround in my career and was ready to move on,” said Basham. “In my search for new opportunities, a construction vendor mentioned Curry. He said it’s a terrific organization with great people and properties. He was right. Coming to Curry was a gift.”

Curry is pretty sure she’s the gift. “We heard amazingly good things about Paula and all were 100 percent accurate,” said Ellen Todd, Curry CEO. “She is friendly and relatable. When you are speaking with her you have the idea there is nothing else she would rather be doing – no matter what else is going on – than having that conversation with you, taking care of what you need as long as it takes. At the same time, she is exceptionally capable and holds herself and others accountable in the best interests of the property. She’s a gem!”

Basham, who was previously a licensed REALTOR® in Arizona, has been in property management a dozen years, the first half of her career in single-family homes and the second half with multi-family residential. It can be an all-consuming calling but she said her kids – six including step-kids plus one step-grandbaby – grew up with her in the field and are well versed in the demands of property management. “Early days, they had to come and help me with make readies (the process of preparing a rental unit for a new tenant)!” she added.

Originally from Las Vegas, Basham spent most of her life in Tucson and moved to the Kansas City area in 2017. “I transitioned from the construction business into property management and found myself addicted to the work,” she said. “Every day, every hour, is different. You learn a lot about people when you manage their homes.”

Basham said she thrives on being out on the property, seeing residents and developing relationships with them. “This is their home and I get to do what it takes to make them feel comfortable and happy where they live,” she said. “I feel honored that Curry chose me to be on this property’s team. Kendallwood is located right across from the company headquarters and it is often the first impression people have of the company.”

A case study she read about Richard Branson (founder of the Virgin Group companies – music, airlines and more) stuck with her. “He said he knew if he took care of his employees, they would take care of their customers who would then take care of the business,” Basham said. “It all falls in line. Coming to Curry, everyone took time to get to know me, were so welcoming and supportive. In turn, I want to work as hard as I can to take care of them as well.”

When not carrying out her property management duties Basham said the family likes to go camping. “Glamping,” she corrected. “We have too many girls to rough it so we have to have AC and heat.” Clearly, she knows how to make any home welcoming.  


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