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In 1924, the cost of a first-class stamp was two cents, Macy’s had its first Thanksgiving Day parade, the first woman governor is elected in the U.S. (we see you Wyoming) and Curry Real Estate Services was established.

We are thrilled to have reached the century mark. In 100 years, Curry has had just four generations of leadership. A commitment to professionalism, best business practices and a customer-first model have seen us through multiple economic cycles and global upheavals, but it is the continuity of vision and spirit that has been our north star.

You know you have achieved something when vision becomes action and spirit becomes culture. Nearly 50 years ago when the late Ray Brock indebted himself and the business upon purchasing it from Charles E. Curry, he gave a little speech to staff about it, giving them every chance to make a run for it.

“I was about to launch into paragraph two,” said Brock, “when one guy said, ‘Well, what’s new? You hired us, trained us, sounds like you’re in a lot of debt and what we need to do is get out of here and get back to work.’ And then, they all did just that.”

According to the Chamber of Commerce, 18 percent of small businesses fail in their first year, 50 percent after five years and 65 percent by their tenth year in business. We are so fortunate to be an outlier in business longevity. That good fortune is based on and matched by the longevity we have enjoyed, well, more than that – delighted in – with our team.

Most people stay with one employer about four years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Over the years, many Curry employees have stayed with us 20 years, even 30 and a remarkable number have hit 40 years-plus with us. It is a powerful thing to have so many employees devote so many years to bringing their good spirit through our doors every workday.

We are grateful to them. It is a joy to work alongside our team who work so hard to serve our tenants and clients, and who leap at the opportunity to come together to meet a community need.

It is a privilege to have done and continue to do our work here. Thank you.

  Being closely held has allowed us to thrive across generations according to our own high professional and standards.


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