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Multi-Family Property Management

Curry Real Estate Services is a full-service multi-family property management and brokerage company.

Curry’s management services include complete administration of multi-family properties, lease administration and payment collection, accounting and budget development, insurance and taxes as well as property maintenance and renovations oversight. Its brokerage services include multi-family real estate leasing, multi-family real estate sales, acquisitions, dispositions, financing, market analysis for multi-family properties’ value and lease rates as well as marketing and positioning.

Based in Kansas City, Missouri,

Curry owns or manages more than 2,300 multi-family home units including apartments, townhomes, duplexes and manufactured homes as well as self-storage facilities to serve these family homes. Curry’s real estate portfolio includes properties located throughout the greater metropolitan area including Kansas City, Leavenworth, Merriam, Overland Park, Paola and Shawnee in Kansas; Blue Springs, Gladstone, Grandview, Independence, Kearney, Lee’s Summit, Parkville, Pleasant Valley, Riverside and Smithville in Missouri.


Much of Curry’s growth since its founding can be attributed to its commitment to staff development. The company maintains a high standard of professionalism and its ongoing investment in the continuing education, experience and skills of its team is a Curry hallmark. Every Curry staff professional knows they are expected not only to earn their industry’s top certifications but be a participant and leader in the multi-family real estate sector locally and nationally.


Qualifications earned by Curry property managers include the certified property management (CPM) designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), the IREM Accredited Residential Manager (ARM) as well as becoming a licensed REALTOR®.

Over the years, more than a half dozen Curry Real Estate Services associates have served on the board of IREM Kansas City, including as its president. Service on professional organization boards and committees builds our staff’s knowledge and expertise, which also is a benefit to the property investors we serve and whose real estate investment we manage.

Apartment Association of Kansas City (AAKC)

For example, one member of our senior staff has served on the legislative committee of the Apartment Association of Kansas City (AAKC). Lawmakers propose bills every session that can have a positive, or negative, impact on those who own, work on or live in multi-family properties. Committee work like this involves monitoring legislation that may affect the multi-family sector of residential real estate as well as advocacy to ensure that legislation that does pass is supportive to the industry.

Pursuing the latest certifications, maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and engaging in legislative matters to make certain that the multi-family voice is heard – all are essential to our success as a property management company. Whether the task before us is multi-family real estate for lease, or for sale, our standard is the same – property management that is transformative, resilient and cost appropriate.

Investment Property

Every owner of investment property requires a return on that investment. Curry’s charge with each multi-family property is to know its potential and then to maintain and improve the property to achieve that potential in a way that delivers on the owner’s goals. Owners have long sought Curry for just this kind of real estate consulting.

Multi-Family Property Evaluation

It often starts with an evaluation of a property’s condition and a market analysis. Recommendations for improvements can range from freshening the landscaping, hallways and lighting to more structural improvements like roof replacements or the addition of amenities. Changes selected are measured by exceedingly practical terms such as do they lower ongoing maintenance costs, retain satisfied residents or attract new residents willing to pay a step-up in rents?

Cost-benefit analysis

This cost-benefit analysis presents owners with differing levels of possible improvements, their associated costs and the likely rents the property could attract for each level. Once the owner chooses what is to be done, Curry can be engaged to manage the work.

Diligence in ongoing maintenance coupled with making the right investment in improvements keep an investment property’s occupancy high. It can be a challenge when improvements complicate a resident’s quality of life, either by literally intruding on their residence such as when you upgrade windows or lighting or by disrupting their routines when relocating parking or amenities. Curry has a long track record of sensitively handling everything from routine maintenance requests to the noise and congestion a structural enhancement project can cause.

Communication is key during an improvement project and we do so often by phone, email, on-site signage, with letters and in person. We work closely with vendors to keep residents up-to-date on projects and have produced maps when there has been a temporary change to parking or access. On more than one occasion we have even delivered themed cookies to residents to “sweeten the deal.”

Multi-Family Property Improvements

Well maintained and managed multi-family properties that experience just the right investment in improvements, which have property managers with a passion for service and the satisfaction of their residents – that is the Curry way in multi-family real estate management.

Some of our Multi-Family Properties

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