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Many of us have been fortunate to witness kindnesses and the good works of others as we have sorted out how to manage our lives in this COVID-19 season.

Since its onset, needs of every stripe exploded with resources deployed but often unequal to the demand. It is into this gap, between need and the meeting of it, where we at Curry Real Estate Services have witnessed the good work and spirit of others, starting with members of our own team. They will say their efforts are small, nothing to note. We say their gifts of service are heartening; an encouragement that brightens a day as they meet needs both common and uncommon.

At the onset of the virus, there was a sudden need for front line workers to wear face masks. Demand was great and supply impossibly low. Recognizing a desire for the medical frontline to receive the available resources, but also valuing the need of Curry’s frontline team, Enza Brancato, commercial property management coordinator and an 11-year Curry employee, was galvanized into action. She researched the requirements for the best homemade masks. She stood in line at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts to purchase the best materials. Enza sewed, in one week, more than 100 masks so that all Curry staff that had to stay on the frontline, working onsite, had two, washable masks to help keep themselves, and those they serve, safe.

Marty Morehouse has been on Kendallwood Apartments’ residential property maintenance team in the northland for five years and is a resident there, too. He saw right away that, as was true for communities throughout the U.S., under stay-at-home orders, homebound Kendallwood families create a lot of trash, fast. Compounding the increased trash volume was another trend – a kind of turbocharged spring cleaning. Resident trash bins, and dumpster, were filling at a record pace.

With the dumpster’s disposal schedule fixed, Marty set a new night and weekend schedule for himself to monitor the dumpster and operate its compacting function whenever it was needed to make sure there was always capacity for residents. Dumpster service is one of those that get noticed when it is not functioning properly. Marty made sure the trash was processed so it wasn’t noticed. Except by us.

If you live at Herrington Park Townhomes in Shawnee, you might enjoy taking your pup to the dog park or enjoy a day at the community’s swimming pool. If coming from a portion of the neighborhood, there’s bit of a creek along the easiest path. For you, there’s a little bridge there now thanks to Trevis Scott and his son, Arron.

Bridge building required reinforcements so Trevis recruited his son, Arron, and together they sorted the engineering, materials and construction of the footbridge. Residents can now reach the dog park and the pool without having to dredge through the creek.


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