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Zipco Cleaning and Restoration is one of our Top Pics for Vendors doing Good Works in the Pandemic.

by Suzanne Licata

You might say Zipco Cleaning and Restoration had something of a head start on pandemic preparedness as its teams use the still in-demand N95 masks when they are on mitigation projects repairing water/flood, fire/smoke and wind/storm damage for their residential, commercial and institutional customers. The company had a supply of these face masks on hand when many organizations were scrambling to build their supply chain for personal protective equipment (PPE).

A valued Curry vendor, Zipco also has worked for many years with Liberty Hospital and supported its foundation.

“Zipco has been a partner with the hospital foundation for more than five years and have been really good to us no matter what the need,” said Aimee Tilley, Liberty Hospital Foundation director of development. “When the coronavirus started shutting everything down, PPE was a prime need for our hospital so we put out a call to the community for N95s or hand-sewn, any kind of face masks.”

Steve Seuell, Zipco’s project manager and estimator for construction, said Zipco heard and answered that call donating 250 N95 face masks.

“They also needed what we call air scrubbers,” Seuell added. “These are big HEPA filters Zipco uses on jobs to remove contaminates like mold. The scrubbers can take out all contaminates down to the micro level. We were able to fill a box truck with these, about half our inventory, and offer them to the hospital at a reduced rate which they used in the early days of the pandemic to filter the air on their floors.”

Tilley said that initiative was par for the course with Zipco (also a long-time sponsor of the Foundation’s annual golf tournament). “They really came through for us,” she added. “All of their employees have huge, huge hearts and really want to take care of the community.”


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