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Empowering its team to do well for others is one way ACE is giving back during the pandemic.

by Suzanne Licata

ACS Smart Builders

In the pandemic when your team is all day, every day, at your customers’ locations – often three, four or more locations in any given day — you make sure they are well provisioned with personal protective equipment, trained to wear it and dispose of it, to protect themselves and the customers they serve. That discipline gives your field team hyper awareness not only of their own safety precautions to reduce the spread of the coronavirus but they notice how their customers are managing as well.

“The mask donations started with our field people,” said Bob Rodriguez, general manager of longtime Curry Real Estate Services vendor, ACS. “We make sure our team has plenty of PPE, they often have to put on new masks and gloves several times a day as they move between customers or locations. With many of the customers we serve, our team would notice customers that didn’t have adequate masks. They started by offering additional masks from what we supply to their vehicles. It grew from there.”

For more than 50 years, ACS has helped institutional and commercial enterprises like Curry maintain their systems – energy, mechanical, security – more easily by making them “smarter.” A company, school, hospital, nursing home and the like with lots of buildings of differing age and uses can have a patchwork of these systems requiring any number of providers to come when they can if trouble arises. ACS upgrades those usually disparate systems throughout a customers’ existing infrastructure so that all is seamlessly integrated.

“We’re fortunate that we typically have really long-term relationships with our customers; I think it’s been 20-some years with Curry,” Rodriguez added. “You can’t help but get to know each other so we care how they’re doing. When our field reps came to us and asked if ACS could deliver a whole bunch of masks to particular locations rather than more randomly from the supply they had on hand in their vehicles, we were on board. We just do what we think is right, without fanfare.”


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