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New, renewing, expanding tenants inspire with their vision for the future

by Suzanne Licata

Last year was inspiring. Yes, 2021 – inspiring! We had a front row seat to the burning commitment of entrepreneurs, professionals and trades people investing in their desirable future. We saw for ourselves their overcoming nature and the creativity displayed in navigating obstacles. We came alongside as they sought to open a door to what is next with an expectation of good.

Our measure was a simple one – Curry doubled the number of office and retail leases signed compared to the previous year. That it was across a wide range of industry sectors – health, legal, beauty, automotive, accounting, clothing, food and beverage, senior living, insurance – underscored its importance.

Nicole Fox launched her Mama and Me children’s clothing business out of her house while on maternity leave from her long-time, fulltime work in animal health in early 2020. That summer, she tested the waters with a 500-square-foot space in Liberty. Last fall, she committed to 5,000 square feet in downtown Liberty, space she also uses for events and meetings. Talk about believing in a desirable future!

“We went from starting this out of nothing, opening our first location in the middle of the pandemic,” Fox said. “I am so proud to say we signed a five-year lease with Curry. I don’t think of them as my landlord but more like someone who is in it with me. We share a passion for what we are trying to accomplish.”

Mojo’s moto is “creating community one cup at a time.” Family-owned and operated by Anthony and Theresa Strain, they relocated the coffee shop in 2021 to Curry’s Kearney Commercial Center at 180 W. 92 Highway, expanding to 1,200 square feet. First opened in 2006, the coffee shop is open seven days a week and stayed busy throughout the pandemic.

“With more people working from home, we needed a larger space and Curry had the perfect spot for us,” said Theresa Strain. “Mike Sweeney with Curry went above and beyond to help us get our new location up and running. They take care of any situation that comes up in a very fast and friendly manner.”

It is a thrill to welcome new businesses into the Curry portfolio but there is something even more profound when those who have driven their stake in the ground for the last several years choose to carry on with you and grow. Curry’s retention rates over the last year were among the highest they’ve ever been and our new tenant additions are back to pre-pandemic levels. [AS1] Each story of how these businesses stay agile while strengthening their business in every economic environment is a revelation.

Resilience is well represented in our community – as is creativity, an amazing work ethic and belief in our ability to thrive in any season. It is energizing to witness this on a daily basis and we look forward to participating in more of these stories!


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