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Windmill Square Keeps its Charms in Latest Renovation

by Suzanne Licata

Windmill Shopping Center, nearly 50,000 square feet, nearly 50 years old, is likely the most whimsical among the thriving office/retail centers in the metropolitan area. In 2021, Curry began Windmill’s exterior renovation, making repairs as needed and introducing lively, welcoming colors to the paint scheme. The work completed in December.

If you get out of your house at all, you know where it is. The big watch tower looms over the 97th & Metcalf interchange while the windmill stands sentinel from the center of the property. It has been, more or less, in Curry Real Estate Services’ hands practically from the beginning and the company has carefully curated its tenant make up ever since.

The tenants provide services you really need, or want, that you go to because you can only get it done there – like getting your watch fixed, hair done, favorite dress repaired, eyes or ears checked, insurance updated, music lesson taken, or child well cared for. Any number of tenants have been there more than 20 years. It’s a magical place.

Scott Wixson has owned his American Family Insurance agency for 42 years and has operated out of his Windmill Square office space for 32 of them. Licensed in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Georgia, most of his clients are nearby and the accessible convenience of the Windmill Square center is a plus.

“I like the location,” he said. “It is in my desired radius and Curry has been a good leasing company. If there is any issue, they get right on it and get things done. They’ve done a good job of keeping the center updated and this last renovation completed recently has given it a fresh uplift.”

While other businesses, like Bernina / Brother Sewing & Quilting and Charles Hadden Salon, also have been exceptionally long-time Windmill Square tenants, others are new to the property.

SeniorCare Homes is a 15-year-old, family-owned provider of comfortable residential living environments for seniors with memory care-related issues like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and Parkinson’s disease. The homes, all formerly private residences in established Johnson County neighborhoods, are renovated to provide 24-hour professional, personalized care with nursing oversight to the nine or fewer people in each home.

While the homes are where the SeniorCare team first meets with families, the company needed more office space and moved into Windmill Square in September 2021.

“Windmill Square fits well with our brand,” said Matthew White, president. “We needed a good place – comfortable for families, accessible and unassuming – in a great location, the I-435 and Metcalf corridors. As importantly, we wanted to be easy to get to and welcoming for our most critical component – the best care givers in the city.”  

As it happens, there are a lot of similarities between SeniorCare Homes and Curry Real Estate Services. Both are family-owned, unassuming and have a talented and dedicated staff giving professional, personalized service 24/7.

As for Windmill Square, not many centers endure as it has. It is true that it is well maintained. It does have excellent visibility in a high-trafficked area. The parking can’t be beat. Maybe the windmill puts it over the top.


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